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Killer from Furgal went to business with a grenade

New details of the case against the ex-governor of the Khabarovsk Territory


"He provoked a conflict and fired eight shots."

We publish materials of the case against Sergei Furgal


Free Wheely

How the former governor of the Perm Territory Chirkunov gave his son a dream job


Power "deep state" Yuri Chaika

How the FSB put the ex-prosecutor general in place


"Income allows you to hide outside the Russian Federation for a long time"

Ex-prisoner Evgeny Dod "climbed" into the Arctic zone of Russia


"I realized that I took part in Listyev's murder"

How Sergei Lisovsky tried to deceive investigator Pyotr Triboi


"I didn't know that I was taking part in Listyev's murder"

What the killer told the deceased investigator Pyotr Triboy


"They put the corpse in a barrel and shoveled with a solution of shovels"

Moscow Canal made a mass grave for murdered bankers


"I shot Mitsubishi Pajero Sport" on the move

Murder of a banker's family through the eyes of a hitman


$ 100 million for "Mr. A"

VEB gave money to the plant through a rollback to Leonid Kuchma's right hand


From the general of the mafia to the general of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

"Gave Derevyanko SS about $ 10 million in bribes for various purposes"


Funds for a secret drone invested in London

Defense deputy found an OKB contractor with his English family


Scammer for Lukashenka's wallet put on the wanted list

"I understood that Savyak is a technical partner, this is the money of Mamiashvili and Aksentyev"


Debt to the USSR has become a luxury residential complex

How India conducted Russia during Dmitry Medvedev's visit


How India's $ 1 billion debt to the USSR became a giant scam

The agreement, signed during the visit of Vladimir Putin, was used for embezzlement


Kudrin's friend's pistol exploded at an expert

The head of the Accounts Chamber "hides" a criminal scandal with an auditor friend


How Russian professors were taxed

Teachers - a salary of 50 thousand rubles, management - villas in Nice


Kidnapped for the mayor

Fugitive United Russia officials settle down in Europe


Glamorous operas and hours-weeks

How ordinary employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs become millionaires


The oligarch's guard handed over all the recipients of bribes from the chief

Private jets to Maldives for Sberbank Deputy Chairman Stanislav Kuznetsov


"Chubais is the core for the president"

How Valentin Yumashev saved Anatoly Borisovich


The headquarters for cutting Gazprom's funds was found in St. Petersburg

11 billion rubles were pumped through the house on Cash


How Gennady Timchenko conquered Finland

Penny oil, private border checkpoint, lake house


Convicted official defeated Gazprom

Oleg Koval paid for the silence during the investigation with state orders


Who do Russians say thanks for the "left" fines worth billions

To Israeli citizen Lev Gurevich and Vyacheslav Smirnov - ex-policeman and Liksutov's partner


Ex-minister, oligarch from London, owner of Styness, thief in law

Boris Ivanyuzhnikov, Anton Zingarevich and Maxim Lalakin appear in the case of the Russian mafia


"You don't want to take part in dismemberment, Brother"

Before his death, the victim of the gang Jaco had his face cut from neck to ear


400 kg of cocaine under a bust of Lenin for a man from the Center

"You will get to know yourself, you will understand who it is"


General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs took money on air

"Next week they will bring you a hundred"