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According to, following the bank "Ugra" under the "millstones" of the Central Bank of Russia may get "Binbank" Mikhail Gutseriev. At the end of July, an unscheduled inspection of the Bank of Russia was completed, which revealed a large "hole". "Shut up" her Gutserievu, apparently, will have its own oil assets, which "put an eye" Rosneft. Everything, as in the case with "Yugra" and its owner Alexei Khotin.

As several sources of reported in the banking sector, the events developed as follows. The Central Bank has a tight liaison - first deputy chairman Dmitry Tulin and just deputy chairman Vasily Pozdyshev. Pozdyshev's business partner was Dmitriy Kotenko, head of the Oil and Gas Industrial Company and Region, which are closely connected with Rosneft. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in that Pozdyshev with Tulin's help began to show interest in banks whose private owners own oil assets that attracted Rosneft. Pozdyshev has the glory of a "shifter", therefore to his words serious people with connections, such as Mikhail Gutseriev, do not listen. It's another matter if they get something from the Tselin Central Bank.

As a result, the sources of describe the scheme of the attack of "partners" from the Bank of Russia. Initially, the Central Bank subdivisions, controlled by Pozdyshev, began to attack banks with private oil owners and identify "holes". And then Tulin advised businessmen to officially recognize the ownership of the bank. Like, then the credit institution will run out of trouble, a dialogue with the Central Bank will be established and "upstairs" will calm down. Tulin knows how to "blanch". As soon as the oilman writes down on himself the package, the mate follows in three turns. A new check of the Pozdyshev subdivision collapses to the bank and reveals a "hole" of cosmic proportions. The bank introduces a temporary administration, and the Central Bank begins to prepare for the newly-made bankers a claim for subsidiary liability. Since we are talking about the sums of "cosmic" scales, the oil industry will have to pay.

In this scenario, developments with the "Yugra" developed. At the same time, it is necessary to recognize that the owner of the Khotyn bank really "pumped out" tens of billions of rubles from it. But the Central Bank knew about this for a long time and "pulled the tires", exactly until the moment when Rosneft "put an eye" on the oil company of Khotin.

According to sources, now in a similar scenario, the situation develops with "Binbank". In the spring of 2017, the arrival of Pozdyshev's units to Binbank followed. In late May, Gutseriev met with the first deputy chairman of the Central Bank Dmitry Tulin, when the proposal was followed to officially take the bank into their own hands. At the same time, the registration of a controlling stake in Mikhail Gutseriev began (he was previously "recorded" on his nephew Mikail Shishkhanov). In July, this process was completed. And soon followed an unscheduled inspection of the CB "Binbank", which revealed a giant "hole". However, officially this has not been announced yet.

Mikhail Gutseriev, of course, not Alexei Hotin, the player is more experienced (he even went on the search list), with great connections, and he did not come out of such alterations. But when, on the other hand, the shadow of Igor Ivanovich Sechin is visible, then, of course, it is difficult to fight. So it remains to be seen whether Gutseriev will give the oil industry in an amicable way. Or wait for Pozdyshev's public speeches about the "hole" in Binbank, the withdrawal of the license and the claim for subsidiary liability.

By the way, talking about the Gutseriev family, can not pass by his brother Sait-Salam Gutseriev, who is on the board of directors of Binbank. Law enforcers repeatedly recorded his relations with representatives of the criminal world. So, according to the files of the RUBOP of the Moscow Main Department of Internal Affairs (or, to be more exact, the SCM of the CAO CAO), Sait-Salam Gutseriev was a close link between the criminal "authority" Okuyev Temerlan Tovmirzayevich. In the bases of operatives Okuev is listed as one of the leaders of the Chechen OPG leader, engaged in various types of illegal activities. Delayed in the course of various operations, but no more than that, they immediately let go. Officially Okuev was the owner and the head of JSC "Senator-sport", LLC "OKOIL" and several other companies. What is noteworthy, after Sait-Salam Gutseriv became a State Duma deputy, Okuev became an employee of the apparatus of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

Source: Rucriminal