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Astakhov movement

Former Children's Ombudsman Family and Half Billion Scam


"Shared official information and ensured career growth"

The career of the Deputy Head of the Main Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee...


"Laundered over 2 trillion rubles, they were not interrogated in the case"

Why the murder of the Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Andrei Kozlov...


Airborne forces left untouchable without 13 billion rubles

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation is afraid to attract the organizer of...


"Came to the vice-mayor of Moscow with a bag of money"

Who planted the billionaires from the FSB


Honored Edinoros and Bloody Jaco

"Close ties of organized crime groups in the state executive authorities"


"His work was supervised by law enforcement and military authorities"

Iranian-Syrian trace appears in the "Laundromat case"


Russian billionaire found death in a loop near Waterloo

"Cash King" killed, assets seized, his widow sent to jail


Investigators "protected" from COVID with counterfeit

GVSU TFR delivered million of fake masks made in garbage dumps near Moscow


The Chinese were put on a budget cut

How Marat Khusnulin's henchmen share the gigantic 464 billion rubles


Clouds thickened over Delimkhanov's head

FSB works out the entourage of a State Duma deputy


Endless history of theft

After borrowing 15 billion rubles from the treasury, he went to big money


"He covered his face with a rag, prepared a pistol"

How the minister's lads were killed


Family murder mystery led to minister

A member of the government turned out to be a former leader of an organized criminal group involved ...


Diapers for adults from the vice mayor

The governor's daughter got rich on the old and the disabled


"Microprints are blurred, ink color does not match original."

The arrested official organized a network to collect bribes and issue electoral ballots


Counselor to the Prosecutor General and a hidden murder for thieves in law

Who is trying to hide materials about the mafia patrons from the power block?


«He is not touched, since he is under our protection."

He taught corruption to Dmitry Zakharchenko, his body was found in an abandoned Porsche Cayenne


And Carlson went down ...

How the "authorities" -agents of the special services were killed


"Game of Thrones" of the Tula Kingdom

Dark Lord Sherin is getting closer to the chopping block


From the UK to the State Duma

A deputy's assistant with a British passport was detained. He turned out to be an international fraudster


"Multiple gunshot wounds in the head area"

The killer of the thief in law left on a regular bus


Albert Ryzhiy died in the battle for Food City

The ominous shadow of God Nisanov hovers over the corpses of three "thieves in law"


Gray cardinal from the State Duma

Inconspicuous communist deputy turned out to be a billionaire and a friend of generals


We’ll get wet. He said in plain text "

Secret negotiations of the murdered colleague of Boris Berezovsky


"My student will be the director of the FSB of the Russian Federation"

The author of this phrase was shot at the entrance of the house.


"Andrey pointed a small machine gun in my direction."

Killers on the hunt for $ 20 million of ex-State Duma deputy Mikhail Slipenchuk


"Laundromat" from Recep Erdogan

Turkish scheme took $ 1.6 billion from Russia to Istanbul