continues to publish materials from the case against the gang of Konstantin Piskarev (Kostya Bolshoi) and his militants, who have committed more than 25 contract killings. Our articles contain the testimony of the accused in the case, including the killers, so the reader can see the events through the eyes of the "main characters" of the gang. In this publication, we will tell you about the shooting of cars with the family of the deputy head of the Sergiev-Possad district for housing and communal services, Alexander Shurukhin. Even when Shurukhin was a businessman, he faced Kostya Bolshoi and knew that he was extremely dangerous. Already being an official in charge of housing and communal services, Shurukhin had disagreements with Piskarev and his friend "authority" Lazovsky, who had controlled firms that made money in the utilities sector. As a result, Kostya Bolshoi personally riddled the car in which the official was supposed to ride from a machine gun. It turned out to be Shurukhin's son, who miraculously survived, and his driver, who died. After that, the official immediately resigned. publishes the testimony of the son of Alexander Shurukhin, a family friend, one of the killers and Alexander himself.

The testimony of Shurukhin O.A. as a witness and a victim, ... according to which on 14.06.2005 he was driving in a Volvo car from the village. Bogorodskoe in the city of Sergiev Posad. Near the crossing, behind the bushes, Shurukhin saw a man in camouflage clothes with a machine gun in his hands. Hearing the sound of a shot, Shurukhin lay down on the floor of the car and, already lying down, heard shots for 30 seconds. The car shook from the shots, glass crumbled inside the cabin. When Shurukhin was lying on the floor, someone opened and then closed the car door. After that, Shurukhin heard another 2-3 shots. Looking around, Shurukhin saw that Klimov was dead. Then Shurukhin saw through the window that a Niva car was standing nearby and Pilosyan was waving at it. Shurukhin ran to the Niva car and told Pilosyan and his father about what had happened. Then they went to the Department of Internal Affairs of the Sergiev Posad region. While driving in the same direction, a dark green VAZ car with an inverted registration plate was driving. Thinking that there might be criminals in this car, Pilosyan overtook him and quickly drove to Sergiev Posad.

The testimony of the witness Mardyan S.N., according to which in the morning of 14.06.2005 the witness was driving in a car from the village. Bogorodskoe in the city of Sergiev Posad. On the way, he was overtaken by a Volvo car, which, as it was known, was driven by AA Shurukhin. Approaching the railway crossing, Mardyan heard the sound of a single shot. At first, Mardyan thought it was the sound of a broken wheel, but then he saw that the above-mentioned Volvo car was standing in front of the railway crossing, and a tall man of strong constitution, dressed in dark clothes, with a machine gun in his hands approached from behind bushes. Approaching, this man fired at a Volvo car, at the driver's door, and when he turned towards Mardyan, the latter turned around and drove in the opposite direction. At the same time, Mardyan heard sounds from single shots.

The testimony of the accused Mishin DS, according to which on one of the summer days of 2005 he, Saryan and Aleksandrov gathered in the Yacht Club "Burevestnik", Piskarev was dressed in "work" clothes, that is, dark sportswear with a hood, which Piskarev covered his head , or camouflage clothing. Together they went to the Sergiev Posad region. Arriving, they drove to the railway crossing, Mishin received a radio from Piskarev, drove away from the railway crossing, where the ambush was arranged, and waited for the victim's car to appear. Seeing the Volvo car, Mishin gave a signal on the radio. After waiting some time, Mishin stopped a passing car and drove in the direction of the city of Sergiev Posad. Passing by the railway crossing, Mishin saw the shot car. A boy with a bag ran away from the car. Piskarev and Aleksandrov were supposed to shoot: they had one or two Kalashnikovs. Later, it became known to Mishin from one of the gang members that the driver had died as a result of the shooting, and the official was not injured, since he was not in the shot car.


The testimony of A.A. Shurukhin as a victim and a witness ... according to which from January 2005 he worked as the deputy head of the Sergiev Posad region on housing and communal services. Shurukhin drove to work in his official Volvo car (registration plate O0400090) under the control of the driver, NS Klimov. On the day of the assassination attempt on June 14, 2005, at about 08:30 am, Shurukhin left the TsGES building in the village. Bogorodskoye and got into the "Niva" car of his friend R.A. Pilosyan to talk to him on the way, and into the "Volvo" car driven by N. Klimov. his son, Oleg Shurukhin, sat down. Approaching the railway crossing located 1.5 km from the turn to the village. Bogorodskoye, Shurukhin and Pilosyan saw a Volvo car standing in front of the crossing with a flat front left wheel.

Pilosyan got out of the car and waved his hand to Oleg Shurukhin, who got out of the Volvo car and approached the Niva car. To let his son into the back seat, Shurukhin got out of the car, and Oleg told him that the Volvo car had been fired upon and the driver had been killed. Shurukhin immediately put his son in the car and together with Pilosyan they drove to Sergiev Posad. On the way, they met a dark green VAZ-2109 car with an inverted registration plate. They thought that there might be persons involved in the attack in this car, so they overtook them and drove away quickly. After the assassination and assassination of Klimov, Shyrukhii resigned of his own free will. From the moment of his appointment to the post until the assassination attempt, Shurukhin was engaged in reform in the housing and communal services sector and it became known to him that criminal authority Lazovsky was dissatisfied with his work, who believed that the ongoing reform could negatively affect the work and income of the management company that collected garbage in Sergiev Posad. Lazovsky expressed his dissatisfaction personally to Shurukhin. Shurukhin met Piskarev in 1999 through Yu.V. Monakhov, who was killed in 2001. Around 2000, Piskarev, Monakhov and Shurukhin were involved in a major deal. Under the terms of the deal, Shurukhin paid off with Monakhov, who, in turn, had to pay off with Piskarev, but did not pay. After some time, Piskarev came to Shurukhin with a complaint and they had a fight. Feeling a threat for himself, Shurukhin forced Monakhov to write a receipt stating that he had fulfilled all his obligations under the transaction. Shurukhin handed a copy of the receipt to Piskarev and asked him not to bother him again. Since then, Shurukhin and Piskarev did not see each other until Monakhov's funeral. "




To be continued

Arseny Dronov