Source: Rucriminal continues to publish materials from the Interpol report, which includes intelligence information, reports from national bureaux of different countries, wiretapping materials and surveillance of immigrants from the Russian Federation (primarily members of the Solntsevo group) and related individuals among them Which mass of large businessmen, former and current officials. In the twelfth article, we continue to list the commercial structures around the world, which are controlled by the leaders of Solntsevo OPG and their partners. Also representatives of Interpol list those who laundered for the "Solntsevsky" huge sums. First of all, these are authoritative businessmen Semen Mogilevich and Tofik Azimov. And the latter is now the director of the Institute of Regional and Political-Economic Problems, a member of the expert council of the Committee on Security and Counteracting Corruption of the State Duma of Russia.


In Germany:

It was reported that Mikhailov used the company "Mitras Handels Gmbh" in Berlin / Germany to establish links with other German firms. In June 2001, he met with Managing Director Dmitriy Mityushov to discuss cases on several joint ventures, such as a recreation park in Moscow and the cafeteria.193

In Israel:

In 1996, Mikhailov introduced himself in Israel as deputy director of Magnaex Vallakozot and partner in five additional companies.194

In Latvia:

It is reported that Mikhailov and Averin Victor are using bank accounts in "Parex Bank" in Latvia, two of which were identified as accounts of companies "Star Impex Corp." And "Twin Shield Holding ltd." 195 According to the information of the NCB Interpol Riga, the management of "Parex Bank" invited Mikhailov to Latvia as a representative of Blagovest SV .196

In Switzerland:

Before Mikhailov was arrested in October 1996 in Switzerland, he had practically signed an agreement with the managers of SCFI Holding, located in Pulley / Switzerland and the Swiss company Line SA, also based in Switzerland. The agreement provided for the repair of the entire Moscow water supply network.197 It was learned that Mikhailov also operated the company Cougar Distribution SA, located in Pulley / Switzerland. This company disintegrated in November 1997.198

In Great Britain:

Azimov Tofik founded 4 or 5 companies, one of which was "Transportanic Investments". The British authorities believe that the name of this company was later replaced by "Atkom Consulting". Sanikidze David and Averin Victor directed all the affairs of the office. "Atkom" was used by Mikhailov and Averin for money laundering.199


"Karta Auto Brokers Ink.": Located in Houston / USA. Mikhailov is a member of the board. In 1995, Mikhailov, Abduld Randi and his brother Kevin founded the company K.A.A. TA Auto Brokers. Selikalay Tanju and Korotaev Alexey were business partners. Mikhailov and Abduld Randi also founded Sun Motors, an American company in Russia, to exercise control over Karta. "The Celtex Corporation" in Switzerland was a partner of both of the above companies (see the section: "stolen cars").

"K.A.R.T.A." Stands for Kevin (Abdul), Armon (Celikai), Randi (Abdul), Tanju (Celikai), Alexey (Korotaev) .201

In addition, Mikhailov directly participated in the creation of the following companies established by Mogilevich Semyon:

•               "Maksim",

• "SV Holding",

• "Arbat International", a joint venture,

• "Emire Bond" in Israel,

• "Arigon",

• Magnex in Hungary,

• "MAB International" in Belgium, 202

• "YBM Magnex",

• "Benex" in Hungary.203

Notes: It is not clear which of the companies "Benex" - in Russia or in the US was involved in the scandal associated with the bank of New York. It was noted that in 1995/1996, Mogilevich was the chief consultant of Mikhailov and, accordingly, the Solntsevskaya grouping on economic issues. However, later Mikhailov hired other consultants, and the role of Mogilevich significantly decreased. Prior to this, Mogilevich was considered the third most important person, "Solntsevskaya", and now his place was taken by Tamm Arnold.204

2. Money laundering


Money Laundering Scheme:

A criminal organization creates and uses both fictitious and legal companies to launder money received from criminal activities. They also control companies by extortion and use them to launder money. Subsequently, money is returned to them.

According to the information of the NCB Interpol Washington, "Solntsevskaya" organization relies on an extensive network of legal companies, financial institutions and legitimate firms that deal with money laundering derived from the proceeds of criminal activity. The very first money laundering companies were located in Moscow / Russia; Vienna / Austria; Edinburgh / Scotland; Tel Aviv / Israel; Switzerland; Miami, Florida and the Caribbean.205 The bank accounts of the organization's higher-level members were established in Brazil, Vienna / Austria; London / United Kingdom; Budapest / Hungary and Israel.206 This information was confirmed by the NCB of Interpol Moscow. It is also indicated that they used several accounts in banks of different countries, for example, in Budapest / Hungary; Vienna / Austria; Limassol / Cyprus; Riga / Latvia and Tel Aviv / Israel.

Azimov Tofik and Akimov Eugene were the two main persons who were engaged in money laundering for the organization, while Mogilevich Semyon also played an important role in creating a network of enterprises designed to launder money for Mikhailov Sergey and Averin Victor.

Mogilevich Semyon was the main intermediary in money laundering for Solntsevskaya. Mogilevich repeatedly received an assignment from Mikhailov to open accounts and legal companies for the purpose of laundering illegally obtained profits. The main financial legal cover for criminal activities Mogilevich made "Arigon ltd", which was founded in Alderneys, on the Netherlands Islands, in the UK. Through the accounts of the Royal Bank of Scotland bank, Mogilevich transferred 80-100 million dollars from illegal drug trafficking from accounts in Russia and Hungary to accounts in Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia. After the money was returned back through London on accounts in Austria, Switzerland and Hungary. From these accounts, regular payments were made to Mikhail Sergey, Tamm Arnold, and Ubiriya Vakhtang from the Mogilevich organization.

Mikhailov Sergey in February 1996 told other members of the organization privately that Mogilevich Semyon and some of his British lawyers had been discussing for several years the plan to open an offshore financial institution in the Caribbean region. Mikhailov approved the enterprise and agreed to invest $ 250,000 in it.

To be continued


Source: Rucriminal